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Monocle Husky

Hotter Dishes

I have a story in adult furry anthology Hot Dish 2 from sofawolf, available now!

My contribution is set in an alternate universe where cats evolved as the dominant sentient life form. It's the equivalent of the Victorian era, and a feline scientist has a startling, controversial theory about the origin of the species...

Look at this beautiful illustration by Anyare, though, crumbs! She has illustrated one of my stories before, and I am just in love with the way she draws cats.

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Nice, congrats!
Thank you!
Are those lizards on the side of the podium?
I believe so! It reminds me of the Natural History Museum, where absolutely everything has animals carved on it - which is exactly the right effect.
Whilst it doesn't really show off the carvings, being in the shadows, there's no denying the NHM is a wonderful place. ^_^

(Apologies for dropping an image into the comments, but a link felt so bland)

Agreed about the artistry - very nice indeed! ^_^ It's rather commonplace amongst furry artists to adopt almost a single head shape, and then just vary the ears, neglecting the subtleties that define various species' heads.

Now, if only this tome were available digitally..
Yeah, Sofawolf are a bit behind on that, but they are trying to catch up I believe!