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Secret Agent Dog

The Killing - Not That One

A friend Telegrammed me yesterday to ask if I wanted a spare ticket to a screening of Stanley Kubrick's 1956 film The Killing at the Barbican that evening, so like a responsible adult I ditched karate and went along.

It's a low-budget flick and I lost count of how many times we saw the same stock horse race footage, but there is lots to enjoy, including the gunman who fondles a puppy throughout his introductory scene.

Our favourite bit, however, was probably this amazing bar fight:



I think I have a copy of the Killing in my film noir classics box set which includes Murder, my Sweet, The Blue Dahlia, Double Indemnity and The Killers and the budget limitations show up in a few of them. However I don't think I have watched The Killing though.
Do check it out - there are some excellent lines!
I will endeavour to check it out.
It was splendid! I hope you are having a lovely time!
I love the way the floor immediately completely clears out. =:D

(And I am most relieved almost no bottles were hurt in the making of that scene)
It's the shirt-ripping that does it for me :)