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Secret Agent Dog

The End of the Affair

There have been so many, many celebrity deaths this year that everyone - yes, you! and you! and you! - gets a chance to say "OK, this one. Those others, they shocked and saddened me, sure, but this is the one that has touched me personally. This is the one that made me cry."

Tonight was my night. RIP, Robert Vaughn.

When I saw the news, I picked a pen off my desk and said "Open Channel D" into it, very quietly, just in case.

But there was no reply.

Man from UNCLE annual front cover showing Robert Vaughn as Napoleon Solo


A big shame especially since he died the same day as Leonard Cohen and Victor Bailey. There have been a few that have struck a cord with me but I am saving my thoughts for an end of the year Momento Mori

As everyone keeps saying: it goes in threes, so that's it, right? Right!?

It's got bad enough that my I've started forming the mental checklist of people I'm terrified will be next.

This isn't something I want my mind to do, you understand, and I don't think I should speak it out loud. The list is a couple of dozen people long, though, including four in their nineties, many in their eighties and a few younger people with known health problems.

Two months to go. Urgh…
I was thinking of your Leonard Cohen post when I wrote that.

I was also making a list last night. One obvious musician, one Doctor, and a couple of Bonds are on it.
I've had a few 'this is the worst yet's in 2016. Victoria Wood is still the real worst one for me this year, even after Leonard Cohen. Robert Vaughn though. Sadface.
I feel I am having my teenage years relentlessly stomped on.
Very sad, but a lovely post.
I feel a bit ridiculous caring so much about an actor who played a fictional character, but UNCLE has been a huge part of my life - it was my first internet fandom, and introduced me to online friends I still have 20 years later.
I am sorry.
This year is just a total pisser.
I loved The Man From Uncle. As a youngish teen I used to wear a black turtle neck sweater because I wanted so much to be Ilya Kuryakin.
I could never pick a favourite.

Well, actually my favourite was Leo G. Carroll as Mr Waverly.
It's rather wonderful that he pretty much continued to be that suave, veering into the gleefully subversive with Hustle - a quite inspired piece of casting, and I remain very pleased he accepted that part.

He'll definitely be dearly missed. (I wonder what he made of the recent cinematic outing? Personally, I had a great time. True, somewhat different in tone, but still not taking itself all that seriously. And, I admit, some gorgeous costume design =:)

*hugs* Subversive is a good word - and he always seemed to have a twinkle in his eye.

I've still not seen the film the whole way through, but what I have watched is highly watchable.