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Fake It Till You Make It

Last night's karate class concentrated on kata, as there's a grading coming up. (I do not expect to grade this time; the last one is still fresh in my memory, thanks.)

At the end of the lesson, one of the instructors beckoned me over for some wise words.

"When you grade to first dan," he said, "you can't second-guess your kata. Show confidence and do it as if you're already good at it, even if you do it wrong. There's no void; the skills will come to fill it. Talk and walk like the Alice who's fully confident, and you will get there."

Life lessons, there.


Does that mean you'll get to use a katana? That would be cool, but watch where you're swinging it. :p
Alas no, 'karate' meaning 'empty hand' ie no weapons :)
On the plus side, it's like having one of those super-cool zombie knives, only the government can't take it away. (Meanies. >_>)
These paws are lethal weapons!!
Note to self: never get on your bad side. XP