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Lunchtime Drinking

Bromley usually features market researchers wielding clipboards, and I generally give them a wide berth, but today one caught me off my guard and I responded before I had time to process that this wasn't just someone asking for directions.

I'm glad, though, because they wanted my opinions on GIN AND TONIC.

Now, I have lots of opinions on gin and tonic, which I am happy to dish out for free on every occasion, so this was a novelty.

We repaired to the bar at the Churchill Theatre, where I answered questions about my drinking habits and preferred brands, tasted samples of mystery tonic #1 (ugh) and mystery tonic #2 (very nice), and was sent on my way with a fiver.

The researcher said there was gin in the samples, but I couldn't taste it. I was pretty happy afterwards, though.
Tags: gin
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