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The London Film Festival is in full swing. Last night I went to see Mascots, the new Christopher Guest movie, at the Haymarket.

What Best in Show did for dog shows and A Mighty Wind did for folk music, Mascots does for costumed performers from the world of sport - i.e. portrays them as a bunch of eccentrics with problems who take this stuff way too seriously.

Like its predecessor, it is surprisingly touching as well as hilarious and often horrifyingly awkward; I got quite emotionally involved in the struggle of Sid the Hedgehog (from South Croydon) and whether or not he would defy his dad, the previous incumbent, to incorporate a risky new element into his act.

And, yes, furries are mentioned. Not in a very flattering light, it has to be said.

I obviously didn't read the small print when booking the tickets, because I was unaware in advance that Christopher Guest himself was going to be there, and take questions from the audience afterwards. (I did not ask a question. I'm shy about that at the best of times, and Guest was pretty rude, although very funny, to most of his questioners.)

My flatmate informs me that the film will be available on Netflix, who paid for its making, from Wednesday, but I regret nothing. It was a brilliant evening.



Wow, he's getting around! I only just missed him presenting said flick at the Castro Theatre - unfortunately, happening just as I was at the airport. =:P Not entirely coincidentally, timberwoof had just showed me A Mighty Wind, which had hitherto eluded me.

It's probably just as well I don't run a furcon, else I'd be tempted to invite him as a GoH. It'd be fun to see what Christopher Guest would make of a few days of complete immersion in furriness. =:D

Does the LFF have any kind of easy "here's everything going on" guide? The calendar only lists titles, and I'd prefer not having to go clicking on each title to find out what it's about. ^_^;

BTW, are you familiar with any of the establishments in this list? I feel research may be in order.
Maybe he was jetlagged and grumpy!

I love A Mighty Wind, which I first saw on the plane to San Francisco; ideal.

This rounds up the LFF movies by category, but it's still not an ideal system. Downloading the PDF programme might be your best bet?

I have not been to any London gin joints! Could definitely do better.