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Casino Royale

Happy Birthday, Mr Bond

It's 54 years today since the premiere of Dr No, so have some film tie-in covers from my collection!

(I don't know what the heck is going on with that Lazenby cover, but it could not be more 1969 if it tried.)



Haha it looks like the unused John Stamp title sequence for the first Mrs Peel season ofvtye Avengers.
I see those are the books of my two favourite Bond films... one of which debuts the best Bond on film.
All four of them debut a Bond :) Live and Let Die?
Not an unfair assessment. ^_^ That jazz funeral sequence is so memorable, segueing from such sombre, yet sizzling tradition, to matters of urgency.

I still wish Mr McCartney hadn't left in the line "in which we live in", though. That's got to be worth at least a wedgie. =:)
One day I'm going to make a post about the songs whose grammar makes me wince every time. I'm pretty sure there's another Bond theme on the list, too, but I can't recall which at the moment!
"Double-oh-seven" always sounds wrong to me. I mean, aren't those zeros? So it should be "double-aught-seven", shouldn't it?
O-O-Seven doesn't sound as cool. XD
Ha, I never thought of that!
I never read any of the books, so I didn't know if they spoke out the "007" as "double-oh" or "double-aught", but I always thought they said "double-oh" in the films purposefully in order to "avoid confusing the Yanks". ;) I'd be curious to've heard Fleming himself say "007"; that would be the official pronunciation IMO. But maybe it was "double-oh" all along. After all, 1960 was right around the time "aught" and "naught" became regarded as archaic and unfashionable, both here and in the UK. But I would think that any intelligence service worth its stripes would think it important to always be able to distinguish between the numeral "zero" and the letter "o" in speech.
Now I want to do some re-reading to see if the pronunciation is ever explicitly referenced :)
One of his Daniel Craig movies contains a typo, especially when you see the beginning. It should've been called Spyfall. XD
Now you've got me wondering what the porn version was called.
Sean Connery would know. ;)