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Monocle Husky

I Believe In Coyotes

Remember that story I wrote that won a literary award?

It won another one.

The Cóyotl Awards are nominated and voted on by members of the Furry Writers' Guild; a small pool, but one filled with writers I respect and admire.

(Obviously part of me is worried that they only voted for my story because they like me as a person, but come on, I'm not THAT nice.)

Best of all, the award statuette is a small, cuddly coyote. I am torn between 'must keep pristine' and 'must take to bed':

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Excellent, congrats! :D
Thank you!

Woo and hoo! You are definitely a real proper author :)

Notice how hard I tried to avoid qualifying everything with 'furry'. A story! An award!
Congrats on another award :)
Thank you!
Yay well done X
Thank you!

Learn to accept your Reward! :-)
Life lessons through popular music!
Congrats! :)
Thank you!

(...and cute award, too...)

The award statuette it's OK to take to bed with you!
Egad. It's one thing to win an award (and such an egoboo!), but such an adorable one! Okay, the Oscars will forever seem pedestrian to me now. ^_^ (Seriously, golden little guy vs cuddly yote? No contest!)
He's up on the shelf with my contributor copies right now, muzzle aloft!
Many congrats :D
Thank you!