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This IS me (by schwitters)Default


  • Renegotiate mobile phone contract, saving £24 per month
  • Rent goes up by £25 per month


What life gives with one hand, it takes away with the other. At least it's only money — and it mostly cancels out in the end.

Any chance of asking for a raise, citing the recent increases in rents etc.?
My boss is unlikely to listen to 'I need more money to live', because that's not relevant to the job I do, but luckily she also thinks I'm doing a good job and should be paid more for it, so we'll see...
Oh, no. What rotten luck.
That reminds me of one Christmas many years ago…
  • Employer gives everybody in the company a £50 John Lewis gift voucher.
  • I drive to John Lewis.
  • I use it to buy a wallet.
  • Now I don't have a gift voucher to put in the wallet.
  • …and I realise I don't have enough fuel to get home, so have to spend rather more than £50 on petrol.
The gift that keeps on taking!
John Lewis? The store from the football chant?

"Your name is a shop
Your name is a shoooop
Lenell John-Lewis
Your name is a shop".

There's a Newport County player with the last name John-Lewis. Really.

It's unfortunate how you save money on one thing, and an unexpected expense negates it. DX
Ha, I didn't know that one! Not the wittiest football chant ever :)
Oh, there are PLENTY of more football chants. Just ask howlin_wolf_66. :)
Might one of giffgaff's bundles do the trick? The lower end ones are ideal for me, being quite a light user of telephony, with the pleasant benefit of being purely PAYG, so you get to control when the next bundle starts, rather than suddenly finding your account lighter.

Of course, if you can swing a little raise, then everything's golden. ^_^
I can't get a landlord from them, though, can I? Maybe a landline :)
Bad luck. :(