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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Dress Rehearsal

I had a birthday on September 16th, which I neglected to mention because there was so much going on. Thank you to everyone who noticed anyway!

The 16th was a Friday, which is a nice day for birthdays (I was born on a Friday). I took the day off and Howard took me to Duxford. It rained a lot, and we spent much of our time dashing from hangar to hangar, but it's a wonderful museum at any time. The American Air Museum in particular has had a refurb and is a delight to look round.

Friday evenings are not a good time to go to the pub, because it will be busy and noisy and many of your friends will have other plans. Nevertheless, I got a good turnout at my old favourite De Hems.

This means I have less than a year to work out how I'll mark my 40th. I do not intend to go quietly.



Sounds like you had a nice birthday. :)

It's still a few years away but I want to do something really cool for my 25th. :)
I certainly did!
Wow.. scarcely seems like a year since the last birthday gathering. But that's how they get you, pouncing when you least suspect it.

I suppose I may have a milestone approaching, though not quite imminently. I hope I'll have managed to steer my life more where I wish by then. ^_^ (Not that the first act has been bad =:)
That does seem a short time ago - and what a lovely evening ^.^

I'm hopeful you can be where you want to be by the next big one. It looks like you're well on the way.