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NC500 by NC700: Sunday 11/09 - Monday 12/09

At some point on Saturday. Howard's bike had picked up a screw in the back tyre, and by Sunday lunchtime it was looking pretty deflated.

My repair kit was more of a get-you-home fix than one suitable for hundreds of miles of motorway, so we called the RAC, but they offered later and later arrival times. A van rolled up at half past five and the patrolman made a quick and competent repair, but by this point it seemed more sensible to stay another night and set off in the morning.

This gave us time to leave the motorway and enjoy a cross-country journey, with lunch at the Battle of Britain Visitors' Centre. The Lincolnshire landscape looked flatter even than usual after Scotland, but gave enough visibility to overtake the many lorries and tractors on our route.

We parted company at Peterborough, and I was home a couple of hours later. Total mileage was approaching 2,000, much of which was the travelling to and from. But it was worth it.

Miles: 251.2

Photo by Clive:

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