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It's over already? Oh.

And a family-size Thank You to everyone who made my weekend great. Don't take it to heart if your username doesn't appear below - it does not mean you were not appreciated.

Saturday evening was the Last Night of the Proms (the prole version in Hyde Park, not the black tie affair in the Royal Albert Hall) with birthday boy bhata, afya, wardy, akira114, mhisani and not forgetting bhata's posh parents. (Sorry, but they are, and lovely with it.) The occasion was marked by hearty singing of Jerusalem, birthday brownies, and possibly the world's first utterance of the phrase "You've got guacamole on your tail!".

Sunday was my pre-birthday picnic in Battersea Park, plus trip to the Children's Zoo to marvel at their meerkats and fennec foxes.

I was under the impression that I had invited a few friends; it turned out I had invited the entire londonfurs community, give or take a fox. But it's a big park, weather was fabulous, the furry folk were reasonably good about not molesting the, er, skinny folk, and AFAICT a good time was had by all, except the poor fellow who hired a bicycle, crashed it and ended up in Casualty.

And I've had many beautiful cards, and even presents - including some lovely artwork, the Willy Fog DVD and a cuddly Simba puppet all the way from the US of A. Couldn't have been better, really.
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