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Smol Dog

When one of Howard's colleagues asked him to dogsit in August, Howard did the right thing and informed me straight away. I ended up taking last week off so I could go down to Dorset and 'help'.

Jasper is a Jack Russell, or Jack Russellish (he's a rescue), somewhere between five and ten years old, and (mostly) exceptionally quiet and well-behaved. Of course we spoiled him rotten, showered him with attention, let him sleep on the bed and bought him a Union Jack bandana, so he will go home entirely too big for his boots.

The three of us had many adventures, including visiting callmemadam, disturbing a wasps' nest, and going to the beach at Weymouth, where I had a swim and Jasper dug a big hole.

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Heh. Cute little guy.

BTW, did you know Berlin has a spy museum? It's at the Potsdamer Platz; I just saw it yesterday and immediately thought of you.
I actually went there on my long weekend in January! Loved it.
Excellent. ^^
What fun! I want to hug him.
He is very huggable! Also kissable. (MUM: Are you kissing that dog again!?)
Awww, looks like you guys spoiled him. I think he likes that bandanna. :)
He certainly didn't mind it, and it made him look extra cute!

My late dog didn't like her bumblebee costume on her first Halloween. XD
I bet she looked cute in it though!
Yep. That was almost 10 years ago too. :)

Yeah, I had her for that long (9 and a half years).
Looks a very contented dog. Sounds quite an adventure
Obviously I want one, but as I currently live in a fourth floor rented flat it will have to wait!
Handsome chap x
He has a lovely face!
Sweet doggie.
He really is!