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Naked Gun titties

Thought for the Day

If your bra can't double as military headgear for a couple of favourite plushies, you're doing it wrong.


("This would be the support unit, I take it?" - wardy)


I'm amazed by how well that's working, actually.
I suddenly looked at the thing and saw two tiny tin helmets...
Well aren't bras designed to cover a couple of puppies? Sorry I'll get my coat..
OUT!! :D
I'm my way.
Haha - suits them! :D
Doesn't it? They look straight out of a wartime buddy movie :)
They actually fit them! XD
I have a pretty extensive collection of cuddly animals. It was bound to fit someone ;)
It's funny how they're dark green too, like actual military helmets! XD

You totally planned this. XP
Haha, well, a lot of my clothes are khaki, , so I was just being matchy!
Well, it worked! XD
"Support Unit?"- it was at that moment the Brigadier thought it time to read his contract.
That is perfect!
...and the longer I keep looking at this, the more these two remind of the lovably incompetent but well-intentioned pair of ever upbeat privates in a light-hearted military comedy classic. (Played by Abbott and Costello, perhaps?)

And now I want to watch that movie.