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Orange Vespa Huskyteer

Cider and Scooters

Many thanks to porsupah for alerting me to Saturday's Cider Dog festival at the Miller, near London Bridge!

I went along with televassi and slightlyfoxed. We enjoyed a few decorous halves and some excellent writer chat, despite the efforts of the miniature digger which was eating the road a few metres from our table.

There were 75 ciders, so we were never going to make significant inroads. I enjoyed a ginger and chilli cider from The Orchard Pig, then tried a pineapple and grapefruit that was too sweet even for me. Regretted not trying: elderflower gin & tonic cider. (They did have a comprehensive range of sweet, medium, dry and perry; I, however, am easily seduced by novelty.)

On Sunday I rode down the A21, through some annoying roadworks, to the Route 1066 Diner ("Get your chips at Route 1066"), where the Honda NC700 forum was having a meetup. Put some names to faces, was bought a frothy coffee by my fellow-Integra owner Tex, and managed this lineup of three big scooters. Mine is on the left, facing entirely the wrong direction:

Three Integras
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They did have a comprehensive range of sweet, medium, dry and perry

Heh, this made me chuckle. I don't suppose "perry" is the next step after "dry", then? Moelleux, demi-sec, sec, brut... :P
Ah, no indeed! But it is worth remarking on that perry has got popular enough to be offered in several variants.
I slightly fear asking this question, but I genuinely don't know: what is the actual difference between a scooter and a motorbike?

I'm still not sure where I stand on flavoured cider. I like cider, I don't want it to taste of "forest fruits" or "dark fruits" or any other red-flavoured fruit du jour. If strawberries want to get in on the cider action, they can go and do their own thing, like pears did. I make an exception for ginger, which is basically a condiment and not a fruit :-)
It is a perfectly reasonable question, since it's one on which many bikers are divided!

Certainly scooters are a subset of motorcycles, but it's hard to draw the line. Some characteristics of scooters:

- automatic (but older scooters have gears, and some newer bikes are autos)
- 'step through' rather than 'leg over' design (but I have to swing my leg over mine)
- small wheels (but not always)
- footboards instead of footpegs (but some large motorcycles have this)
- more weather protection, big fairing at the front + legshield
- large storage space under the seat (but not always)

My own machine, which is a Honda NC700D Integra, shares an engine and many components with the very much motorcycle-shaped NC700X and NC700S. It looks like a scooter next to bikes and like a bike next to scooters.

Mopeds have 50cc engines and may be bike-shaped or scooter-shaped. Ire is provoked when 'moped' is wrongly used for anything shaped like a scooter, e.g. my 700cc beast.

Ok. I think I'll find it's a bit more complicated :)

I think I had confused scooter with moped, as I was exciting engine size to be the defining characteristic. And your machine looked far too grunty! Thank you fit explaining!

All that and I didn't even get round to the cider bit! I'm quite pro fruits in cider, especially blackcurrant, but then I liked alcopops...
That parking job wasn't THAT bad. :O)
Technically, I parked first, so the other two are wrong!
Ohhhh. XD
Sounds like a hell of a festival. There was a beer festival near me this weekend but I totally failed to go.
I had plenty of notice for this one - usually they pass me by completely, or I only find out about them when I have other plans!
It's only due to my shift pattern that was able to go. Had I still been working at the Kynn I wouldn't be able to go even if Iwanted too.
It's only due to my shift pattern that was able to go. Had I still been working at the Kynn I wouldn't be able to go even if Iwanted too.
That building looks very last-century American.
Heh, I'd have called it 1930s British - it's quite similar to the Ace Cafe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ace_Cafe
Although I prefer my cider to taste of apples, I do rather like the occasional fruity cider (even the Strongbow Dark Fruit they do in Spoons is acceptable), though I dare not admit that in public in this part of the world! It would be a faux pas on a par with referring to pear cider as perry. =;P

("Pear cider" generally either means it's made with dessert pears rather than traditional perry pears, or that the makers are trying to get down wiv da yoof. Neither very popular with this region's traditional perry makers!)
I did not know about the perry/pear cider divide!

Drinking what looks (and tastes) like alcoholic Vimto doesn't do a lot for the old street cred. Luckily I don't mind.