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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

I Prefer The Term 'Book Pimp'

"You are the go-to person for book recommendations. You have a talent for picking out exactly the right book for the right person and enjoy chatting with friends who love books as much as you do. You especially love battered old paperbacks that can be passed around and enjoyed by everyone."

Quiz here, via callmemadam.


Hmm, let's see.

First question: [X] None of the above.
Second question: [X] None of the above.
Third question: [X] None of the above.
Fourth question: [X] Annoyed.
Fifth question: [X] None of the above.
Sixth question: [X] None of the above.
Seventh question: [X] None of the above.
Eighth question: [X] A good story — I reckon I can go with "Fine, eloquent prose and well-written characters" on this one, though it's not quite the same. (A well-written book with a boring story is still boring.)
Ninth question: [X] Just a fad.
Tenth question: [X] None of the above.

Result: "Please complete the quiz to continue."

The ironic thing is that I actually own a lot of books (some 1,500, perhaps, though I haven't counted in a while) and read quite a bit — I just don't fit the narrow stereotype of a faddish book nerd they're trying very hard to shoehorn you into.

Edited at 2016-07-07 11:11 am (UTC)
It was the prose and characters for me, definitely; I can cope with not much action if I'm enjoying the dialogue.
Oh yes, I'll agree with that.

Still, it's quite possible to write beautiful prose and believable characters, even a compelling narrative, without writing an enjoyable book. Keeping in mind that "enjoyable" is of course highly subjective (though the others are as well), I ultimately gave up on e.g. Halldór Laxness's "Salka Valka". I could see why he got a Nobel Prize for Literature, he really was a gifted writer, but I never felt I was really moved by the story and the characters' fates.

Put more succinctly, for me a book needs to draw you in and make you relate to the characters.
Yes! I can admire a book for being well-written while never feeling the need to read it again, or, in extreme cases, not wanting it in my home after I've finished it (I'm looking at you, Complicity by Iain Banks).
XD I'm the Book Hoarder.

It's true. I am ashamed... wait, no, no I'm not! LOL
I probably missed Book Hoarder by *that* much!
This one was a real pain to answer, because I got argumentative and irritated. The question about cracked spines, for example: I don't generally find it a big deal, but I care a lot if the book is an irreplaceable present.

I got "Book Geek", incidentally, but I suspect I could have been in at least two other categories given slightly different answers!
I lent one of my favourite books to a colleague and it came back with the front cover detached. That's the only time I've actually got cross; usually I like my books to have been read multiple times by different people, and to show it.