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Have you been to the Globe? OMG you must go to the Globe. I don't care if you're several continents away.

My visit yesterday, to see A Midsummer Night's Dream from the £5 standing area, was my first, but we all came away plotting to go again as soon as possible. Everyone in our six-strong, three-generation party (ranging in age from seven upwards) was utterly enthralled.

Usually I like my Shakespeare very traditional (or what I fondly imagine is traditional; lots of velvet and facial hair, please). This version was a little bit modern and a little bit Bollywood: rude mechanicals recast as Globe staff led by Rita Quince and Health & Safety Officer Nick Bottom, and the quartet of lovers as Hoxton hipsters with Helena gender-swapped to an adorably camp Helenus.

It was totally fresh, and made me feel that Shakespeare was living and relevant in all those ways that English teachers unsuccessfully bang on about.


I have, and I love it, and I'm very proud that my grandfather worked with Sam Wanamaker on the original plans 😀
Oh, gosh, so you should be!
I adored my groundling experience and can't wait to go again.
We thought perhaps we'd wimp out and go for seats next time. And stick to the comedies!
Sat on a seat to watch King Lear a few years back... ;)
I've seen King Lear once and it was hard work emotionally.
Didn't they use to assign seating based on their respective class? Peasants either had to stand or sit at the bottom, middle class had seats while upper class had seats with cushions?

Of course, it's a moot point today as we don't that anymore. XD
I don't think it was class so much as who could afford what!
To be fair, the true upper-crust could probably swing a private performance. :-D
How much did those seats cost (besides the standing area, which was £5)?
I think seats start at £15.
I guess that's not too bad then.
I want.
I hope you get, some time!
When money's not in quite such short supply, I definitely want to go along sometime. Oo, and yes, AMND's on for a couple months yet.. perfect. ^_^ (I do love the very British cautioning, "This production contains naughtiness of a sexual nature" =:)

Haha, I missed that, and I assume the 7-year-old's mother did too!

It was quite sexual, but in a funny way likely to go over most kids' heads, and it felt right - they had simply interpreted the text in a way that led to hijinks.

Edited at 2016-06-28 06:44 am (UTC)
I'm just going to walk along the perimeter just to say I've been around the Globe.