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Have you been to the Globe? OMG you must go to the Globe. I don't care if you're several continents away.

My visit yesterday, to see A Midsummer Night's Dream from the £5 standing area, was my first, but we all came away plotting to go again as soon as possible. Everyone in our six-strong, three-generation party (ranging in age from seven upwards) was utterly enthralled.

Usually I like my Shakespeare very traditional (or what I fondly imagine is traditional; lots of velvet and facial hair, please). This version was a little bit modern and a little bit Bollywood: rude mechanicals recast as Globe staff led by Rita Quince and Health & Safety Officer Nick Bottom, and the quartet of lovers as Hoxton hipsters with Helena gender-swapped to an adorably camp Helenus.

It was totally fresh, and made me feel that Shakespeare was living and relevant in all those ways that English teachers unsuccessfully bang on about.
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