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On May 17th, I made my 50th blood donation.

I started giving blood soon after I turned 18, having seen National Blood Service stands at airshows. That's twenty years ago now - more than half my life. I've given blood in any number of places, from church halls to mobile units, and much has changed, both in the way the system operates and in my world.

I don't find donating especially pleasant or comfortable, but the time you spend with an actual needle in you is under ten minutes and then you get crisps. The psychological benefits of knowing you've done something positive are huge, as well. I will be keeping the letter the Blood Service sent me with my new badge and card, thanking me for saving or improving at least 100 lives.

It struck me some years ago that '50 donations by the time I'm 40' would be a pretty good life goal, and I'm delighted to have achieved that.

100 by the time I'm 60?

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