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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

The Best Babysitter

Last night I went to see Dar Williams at the Borderline, which wasn’t the best timing immediately after the four-day extravaganza of ConFuzzled, but I regret nothing.

Dar is really good value live. She’s been gigging for over twenty years, but she still seems delighted and embarrassed to have fans, and tells funny, self-deprecating anecdotes between songs.

On this occasion, as well as making a joke comparing her own experiences on British Rail to Paul Simon writing ‘Homeward Bound’, she delighted my soul by doing perhaps the loveliest acoustic cover of ‘Comfortably Numb’ I have ever heard.

Here you go - though this pales in comparison with last night’s version, which was accompanied only by one guitar and a few hundred people singing along.



Ooh I love Dar Williams - my daughters took me to see her for Mother's Day 2 years ago and we all cried when she did The Babysiitter's Here.
It makes me cry and laugh so hard, often within the same line. Brilliant.
Gods, what I'd give for a voice that good. ^_^; Excellent choice of song, too - the track's brimming over with emotion to begin with, so coming from someone able to channel that, you can wind up with something quite special.

By contrast, I'll be seeing an impromptu gig by Russell Brand on Tuesday. I am not led to believe there will be much singing. =:)
Commiserations? :) I look forward to your account of it!