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A Soft Hail's A-Gonna Fall

We in the UK have been enjoying some bizarre weather this week, with blue skies, sunshine, freezing temperatures, and occasional brief but violent outbreaks of precipitation.

Everyone has been very excited by the five-minute snowstorms, except in the comments sections of local newspapers, where fierce debate rages between those who point out that it couldn't possibly be snowing in those meteorological conditions, only an idiot would think so, this is soft hail, and those who think the first lot need to get a life.

Last night I dined with a friend on the South Bank, and emerged from Pizza Express to find a small pyramid of hailstones on my bike seat. The journey home along roads awash with rain was enlivened by thunder and lightning above.

It's looking good for my friend's wedding on Saturday, then.


We've had sleet and hail up here in Cambridgeshire.

But congratulations on introducing me to graupel, hard rime and small hail. It turns out the weather can do things to us that I'd never before even considered!
Graupel is a great word, but I'm having trouble separating it from drempel, which is Dutch for speed hump.
If only Germany's colonial interests had been less European and the Netherlands' less tropical, somewhere with permafrost could have had graupel drempels.

Meanwhile, though "drempel" is a good word, I prefer "ontwikkeling" (technological progress) and "zeeeeuw" (salt-water duck).
Oh, wow, 'zeeeeuw' is delightful!
Saturday's going to be OK! As I am obliged to go camping for the whole weekend, I have been checking the forecast hourly...
Good luck!!
That's graupel! ;)

Yeah, i had a crazy storm here on tuesday. There were more storms last night as well.
I thought of you when it was all kicking off!

There's a reason i have the username that i have. ;)
Meanwhile, here on the Equator, we've just been getting a series of randomly scattered thundery downpours. Unfortunately, yesterday's revealed that the seal on the car's sunroof no longer keeps the water out...
Oh no!
Sunroof problem apparently easily fixed by applying compressed air to the tubes that are supposed to provide drainage. Damp interior will take a little longer to cure, though... :)
My mum suddenly found several inches of water in the bottom of her car a few months ago, cause unknown. Luckily she was on the point of replacing it anyway...
The Pajero 4x4 started making sloshing noises after the night we had 160mm of rain. (I'd left it out so that the car with the sunroof could be under cover.) I cured that by finding the clogged drain holes and un-clogging them...
I'm in Nairobi at the moment. It has been raining...
Ah. What brings you there? :)
The obvious reply is "an A320", but I felt that rang too closely to this timeless ad. =:)
Cheeky reply there. :O)
I think it was a 777, same as brought me home. ;)
What i meant by "what brings you to kenya" was what was he doing there. :p
Please say the wedding's music selection included Bohemian Rhapsody, for the obvious reason. (Other than being a perennially cool song)
Sadly not - but things had calmed down to the occasional shower by that point, anyway!