Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

People keep ringing my phone

I was worried when I was told this job would involve providing tech support. To me, 'technical' implies an intimate knowledge of motherboards and cables. Luckily, however, my helpline calls usually go like this:

"Are you clicking the login button?...Are you on the login screen?...Have you got Internet Explorer open?...Do you know what the Internet is?"

etc, etc.

By the time it's sorted I'm biting chunks out of my desk, but to the person on the other end, I am God.

I also field general calls, queries and complaints about the various websites, to which I can often reply "dunno mate, I'm a temp". But sometimes I can't get away with it that easily. My immediate boss is in Nepal for three weeks, so I am currently very much where the buck stops. And I don't think I'm a terribly good buck-stopper. I am a timid, artistic soul who just wants to be left in peace to code beautiful HTML, but is constantly interrupted by harsh realities. Like invoices.

Sometimes admin is fun, though. Last week I got to change all the passwords. And no, they're not now all set to the names of Pokémon. Or Digimon for that matter. But I did spend an enjoyable morning thinking them up. The best part is that the old passwords expire the day I leave and the new ones kick in the following morning...

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