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Cat Air

Try Everything

On Saturday I finally got to see the film everyone is talking about, at least in the circles in which I move: Zootropolis, or, in the US, Zootopia.

I went with three friends, furry writers all, and sharing made the whole experience more enjoyable.

For those who have not been steamrollered by Disney's marketing machine, this is the story of Judy Hopps, a bunny whose dreams of being a police officer are crushed when she is instead assigned to issuing parking tickets. By insistently doing the right thing and refusing to give up, she stumbles upon a citywide conspiracy and sets about solving it with the help of petty criminal and fox Nick Wilde.

It has all the things I've come to love in recent Disney movies like Bolt and Wreck-It Ralph: strong female characters, sweet, non-romantic relationships between male and female characters, and a well-conceived, immersive world full of tiny details and sight gags, not to mention a totally huggable cast.

I found the opening scenes very reminiscent of Robots, another CGI kidflick I adored. Optimistic young protagonist (Judy/Rodney) leaves the small town where they grew up (Bunnyburrow/Rivet Town), taking a futuristic train to the Big City (Zootropolis/Robot City) where anyone can achieve their dreams. They soon find that the Big City isn't all it's cracked up to be, and fall in with a loveable but cynical conman (Nick/Fender) who must be convinced to help save the day.

Compare and contrast: 'Anyone can be anything' / 'You can shine no matter what you're made of'.
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Yes, but did you like it? :)

I did love that, along with the main (admirable, and by the end admirably shaded) moral, they had a secondary moral for those who may have no need for the first - without spoilers, it's the first thing Nick says once they get on the cable car.

[Oh yeah spoiler tags! Contains spoiler]IE "Never let them see they get to you"

Edited at 2016-04-04 01:56 pm (UTC)
Aww yes! I'd forgotten that. Lovely Nick. (I don't know who my favourite is; I love Judy but Finnick is a fantastic character.)

And I didn't know spoiler tags worked in comments!
Me either, but I can confirm they don't work in the email notification you can get when someone replies to them!
I'm hoping that more is planned for Finnick as the three Tsum Tsums (a casual mobile game involving lots of different Disney characters)a they did from the film were Judy, Nick and Finnick. It seems like they expect people to remember him?
I was disappointed that he's in his elephant costume in all the merchandise, when he's very cute without it!

So that's what Tsum Tsums are all about. I've seen the plush ones at the Disney Store but didn't realise it was a game.
I agree, it's a bit disappointing.

The game was big in Japan and Korea, but it can only be played via a messaging app which never got popular here, so I think they mostly downplayed the game when they started selling the toys here? IDK, I've been playing the game since before, it's got all the cute circular characters and you have to link them in lines of three but it's not exactly like anything else I've played.
I will investigate...
Ah there are a few couple of films which are very similar of recent years. House at the End of the Street is pretty much a rework of Psycho, complete with the duality aspect.
The difficult part is trying to work out what's a ripoff, what's a homage, and what's a coincidence!
Indeed. Though I have a feeling House is just a rip off because there is so much it has in common with Psycho.
It was such a pleasant surprise, that movie!
It's clear that lots of love has gone into it. Also money.
Utlah and I went to see it yesterday, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I absolutely loved it. Every so often, a movie or book comes along that makes me want to be part of that world, to explore and discover it for myself. Zootopia/tropolis is certainly one of those films, as I really found myself not wanting the film to end, so that I could see more of its places and people. I can only hope that Disney returns to the Zootopian universe in another incredibly well-written visit.
The world was wonderful - I believe the art book has a lot of bonus goodies that didn't eventually appear on camera!
Very much so. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I identified quite strongly with Judy.. I felt so proud of her. ^_^

Thankfully, it seems it's been faring well at the box office, with north of $800m worldwide now - it feels inconceivable Disney won't return to Zootopia sometime, whether on TV, or another cinematic outing, especially given Big Hero 6 is due to become a TV series in 2017/2018. There's so much of a world there, so many stories!
Yipe! I can't really afford it, but I must get one. =:D

And I hope that pun occurs to other artists. That's pretty much my perfect combination. ^_^
There are so many great crossover designs I don't go for because only one of the franchises appeals to me, so I am very tempted! I have WAY too many Who T-shirts, though...
"Try everything" sounds like a furry indoctrination song. 0_o

Don't worry, that was all jokes but i couldn't help it. XP
I assume it has become one by now!