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Light Just Falls Into It

Look what arrived for me at karate this week!


All the way from Japan, with gold embroidery. The short bit is the name of our school, Kenshukai, and the long bit is my name in katakana, or as close as you can get ('Arisu Doraiden', according to Japanese-reading friends on Twitter).


VERY cool!!! 😉😎

Thanks! *hugs back*
That is pretty cool!
It's too new at the moment - it needs to get a bit scruffed up so it looks more businesslike!
That's really cool!
I keep getting it out of my karate bag to look at it :)
I don't blame you. It has shiny calligraphy on it. :)
Remind me not to get into a vicious arguement with you, the only martial art I know is the ancient Lancastrian art of Ecky Thump...
Useful if you come up against a rampaging, supersized kitten!
That is the reason I learnt it, you'll be surprised how often that happens in Shropshire.
I'm almost afraid to wear it to class. Nooo, not the belt!
Oh, that's neat! Very stylish, and it also says "I mean business", sorta like how bringing your own custom pool queue to a pool match.
I'm a bit worried it also looks massively pretentious! But everyone in our club gets them, and people were asking me where mine was...
One person's "pretentious" is another person's "justified and well-earned display of your skill and self-confidence". It may be showing off a bit, but that's fine — who says you can't do that, doubly so if you've worked hard to earn it?
Well, when you put it that way...!
Thank you!
Many awesome congrats on the belt and all the years of hard work behind it!!!
Thanks, fuzzyone!
Oh, most cool! It's certainly been well earned - the journey's been quite a few years now, ne?
Yes - it was early 2002 when I started, I think. I was told around then that it takes 7 years to reach black belt...well, I got there in the end.