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Husky Airways

Bodmin and the Jets

One of the consequences of an early Easter was that Howard's birthday fell a couple of days before it, so we both took some extra time off.

On Thursday we had planned a trip to Cornwall, but at the point of setting off we discovered a puncture in my rear tyre. The day's itinerary changed to having another coffee, calling the RAC to plug the tyre, riding to Yeovil, having both tyres replaced, and riding home as if on ice because the new tyres were now combined with pouring rain.

This all turned out to be serendipity, because the weather on Friday was much better. We set out for our destination, the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre near RAF St Mawgan, in sunshine, and didn't even hit holiday traffic until Bodmin. (We dived down a pretty little road marked NO A30 TRAFFIC, and made good progress until we caught up with all the other drivers who'd had the same idea.)

The museum, which opened in September, focuses on Cold War jets and encourages supervised cockpit access. I sat in a Harrier and a Venom, we toured the VC10 and the BAC 1-11, then we both climbed into a Canberra.

I'd highly recommend the CAHC, if you're passing Newquay: friendly, knowledgeable staff; nice cafe; planes.

Top down view of the Venom cockpit


BAC 1-11
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Friday was a good day to be out. The rest of the weekend, probably not so much, though...

Is that the rest of the Shackleton in the background?
Yes! It doesn't actually belong to the museum; it's being restored into a gate guard for the RAF base. Museum staff have been told not to direct anyone towards it, but once visitors are off museum property, what can they do? :)
Sounds a bit like the RAF museum up here at Cosford, only without the supposedly haunted Plane.
I haven't been to Cornwall since I was a little boy and went on Caravan holidays with Nan and Grandad, I really should make a return visit some day. Glad it perked up after the couple of false starts.
Oh, I love the Cosford museum! Especially the Red Baron simulator :)

I had a couple of family holidays very near Newquay. Good times, though often chilly and wet!
The Red Baron simulator must be a relatively new edition as it wasn't there when I went many moons ago.
It was quite new when I went, a couple of years ago. It's a '4D cinema experience', which means the seats tilt a bit and they throw water at you :)
A lovely sunny day, a ride out in the countryside, nice cafés, and a hands-on experience — it doesn't get much better than that.
And home for pizza :)
Yay for pizza! :)
EVEN better!
Glad to hear the tyres have been retired!!! Hopefully no more flats for a while :D

And planes, no less. Any day is better with planes added in the mix!
Gah, I was really hoping the tyres would last another month, because I couldn't really afford them this month! It is nice to have some confidence back, though.
Oh, if only I'd known! I could have told you where to find the (seriously) best pasties anywhere.

(They do, ISTR, now offer mail order, but as you'd expect, the postage makes that a bit uncomfortable. Still, they do freeze well)

I perhaps ought to nudge them for their recipe, in strict confidence, given Dad won the business in a poker game back in the day, but refused to accept, as it'd ruin the owner, a long-time family friend.

That's an excellent story! There was little time for side trips, as it was a 300-mile day, but I wouldn't mind knowing for the future...