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Awards Season

My short story 'The Analogue Cat', published in The Furry Future from FurPlanet, is among the nominees for Best Short Fiction in the 2015 Ursa Major Awards!

I am really thrilled. I've been writing in the fandom for five years, and this is a first. A lot of short stories get published in a year, even in this relatively small pool, and for mine to be among the five on the final

I've had some great feedback for this story and it's made me very happy. The piece is just 2,000 words long and was written in an evening (admittedly it was winnowed from the chaff of an 8,000-word story that didn't quite gell), yet here it is punching its weight in the up-to-40k category.

A huge thank you to everyone who made the effort to nominate their favourite pieces from the year. Now keep up the good work, and vote!
Tags: furry, writing
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