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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Helden Für Einen Tag

I spent Saturday evening at '80s-themed pub The Old Schoolyard for slightlyfoxed's birthday, featuring KARAOKE!

I was nervous at the prospect of singing in front of other people, despite singing fairly constantly in the shower, on my bike and in the middle of the high street. Indeed, everyone hung back a little at first - but then we discovered Bowie's Heroes in German, Helden, and after we had struggled through that, nothing else could hold any fears.

I did You Can Call Me Al, which was the only Paul Simon song on the playlist, and slightlyfoxed and I tried to out-Dylan each other duetting on Mr Tambourine Man. I had The Love Cats cued up but it kept getting accidentally skipped or deleted, so I decided it was not meant to be, at least on this occasion.

The last time I did karaoke was when kowarth and I performed 'Sloop John B' in our local, which must have been one New Year's Eve in the early '00s. But now I realise that every evening I haven't spent on karaoke was basically wasted.


Last time I did Karaoke I was down the smoke visiting Amy and we went to an Irish bar first night where the entertainment was run by a DJ calling himself Cary Oakey... which did prompt me to bang my head against the nearest available hard surface. I did Hoagy Carmichael's Stardust and Cab Calloway's Minnie the Moocher, having a specialist music taste rather limits my options. Amy did Kate Bush's Babooshka and another I cannot recall.
I think the time before that was in Margarita way back in 2008....
Cary Oakey!! Ouch.

I would love to hear Minnie the Moocher, familiar to me only from Radio 4 and Jeeves & Wooster.
According to Amy I really got into character as Cab Calloway.
Christmas break 2002? I know Mark was there too and someone utterly failing to get meatloaf lyrics right
You may well be right! Time flies. But the Beach Boys remain awesome.
Yeah, I was there. No idea which year it was. I recall laughing at all the misspelt titles in the song lists.
Somewhere there must exist a karaoke system put together by someone who actually knows something about music, but I have yet to see it!
Sounds fun. :) And singing in a language you're unfamiliar with is, too, once you get over the initial embarassment.

Wonder what it says about me that I know at least three of the songs you mention — "You Can Call Me Al", "Mr Tambourine Man" and "The Love Cats"; Heroes I'm only familiar with in the form of Philip Glass's "Heroes Symphony". Probably that I'm a child of the 80s, too.

Though that said the version of "Mr Tambourine Man" I'm most familiar with is the Chipmunks version, which is perhaps not such an altogether common part of an 80s childhood. :P
It says you have excellent taste ^.^ I'd rate the Byrds' cover of Mr Tambourine Man over the Chipmunks - though that's just a guess as I haven't heard the latter :)
Thanks. ^.^

And here's The Chipmunks — Mr Tambourine Man. The chipmunk voices are an interesting contrast to the song's lyrics and themes in this one.

What does the title to this entry mean? It looks like it's German. :p
Yep - it is a line from David Bowie's 'Heroes' in German, and means 'Heroes for one day' (the line in English is 'we could be heroes, just for one day').
Ah. Looks like you know a little bit of German as well. :D
Yes - I don't think any of us were quite sure what we were singing most of the time, but some of us had better pronunciation than others :)
It is indeed, and it means "heroes for a day". (Or "one day".)
Ah. So "güten tag" is good day then? :)

See, i'm slowly but surely catching on to German. ;)
"guten Tag", yes.
Ya, i got it right! XD
Wow, I'd forgotten just how high they were! I genuinely jumped when the voices kicked in :)
Yeah, that's not an uncommon reaction. :) I remember when my family and I were playing music we had on our cell phones to each other — this came up, and my parents remarked, "oh, Mr Tambourine Man, we know/like that one!". And I said, "careful, this is the Chipmunks version", and then the singing started. ^^
The crucial question, of course, is whether or not any video footage of the evening exists. ^_^
Not to my knowledge, though I think some stills probably do, probably on the phones of people I only know as friends of friends!