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Helden Für Einen Tag

I spent Saturday evening at '80s-themed pub The Old Schoolyard for slightlyfoxed's birthday, featuring KARAOKE!

I was nervous at the prospect of singing in front of other people, despite singing fairly constantly in the shower, on my bike and in the middle of the high street. Indeed, everyone hung back a little at first - but then we discovered Bowie's Heroes in German, Helden, and after we had struggled through that, nothing else could hold any fears.

I did You Can Call Me Al, which was the only Paul Simon song on the playlist, and slightlyfoxed and I tried to out-Dylan each other duetting on Mr Tambourine Man. I had The Love Cats cued up but it kept getting accidentally skipped or deleted, so I decided it was not meant to be, at least on this occasion.

The last time I did karaoke was when kowarth and I performed 'Sloop John B' in our local, which must have been one New Year's Eve in the early '00s. But now I realise that every evening I haven't spent on karaoke was basically wasted.
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