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"Who Knew Late-'80s Pop Was Basically Plato?"

On Friday evening I attended a Radio 4 recording of Natalie Haynes Stands Up for the Classics, which is standup comedy about figures from ancient Greece and Rome. Very much peak Radio 4, yes.

I had, as usual, arrived late and been given a sticker number in the early 200s, which means sitting somewhere at the back of the balcony. However, as I was shuffling towards the auditorium with the tail end of the mob, a BBC official called out "Any singles?". I raised my hand and was shown to a seat in the fourth row. So that was a nice result of my friends' total failure to want my spare ticket.

Natalie was recording two episodes, one about Aristophanes and the other about Plato. I enjoyed them both, though she lost marks by dissing the Greek New Comedy, on which I did about a fifth of my degree, in favour of Aristophanes's Old Comedy (I may write in and complain).

As well as the standup, there were interviews with experts, one of whom described Socrates as a 'laser mind in a bumbling body'.

"You've made me realise why I like Socrates so much!" Natalie exclaimed. "It's because he reminds me of Columbo!"

The title quote comes from Plato's description of the human mind as an aviary; the original birdhouse in your soul.
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