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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Important Cheese Updates

Cheese news 1: A few weeks ago, ggreig sent me an email with instructions to watch out for a MYSTERY CHEESE PARCEL in the near future. It turned out to be this:


Terrible photo, but you get the idea. It is smoked cheddar with charcoal! A big hit with me; I love anything smoked (including smoked vodka, despite the unease engendered by anything smoked reminding me slightly of cheese), and this has a rich and intense smokiness.

Also an inedible and almost invisible rind of black wax, which I discovered quite late in the game.

Cheese news 2: I stayed with friends at the weekend, and was taught to make gougères. From now on, I plan to make them at every opportunity.


Glad it met with favour, and sorry about the rind! - it caught me by surprise too, and I could have passed that on.
I'm glad it wasn't just me! 'Watch out for the invisible rind' would have made for even more mystery :)
Blimey, but that looks like a scary cheese. I've just finished reading A Face Like Glass which is chock full of extremely lethal cheeses, so I'm more than usually wary.

For some reason I can't shake the idea that the charcoal will make it gritty. I presume it doesn't!
Wow, that looks a terrifying book, as all the best children's books are!

I was concerned about the grittiness, too, but it's very smooth.
Did someone say cheese? The fact that i have Wisconsiner blood in me really explains a lot as to why i like it so much. :9

Smoked vodka? What the hell is that? XD
I've heard about you cheese-state people! (Mostly from That 70s Show.)

The smoked vodka may have been this one: http://williamschase.co.uk/products/chase-smoked-vodka
I'm from illinois but my great-grandpa spent most of his life in wisconsin. :)
MYSTERY CHEESE PARCEL might be the best phrase ever.

But now I want gougères.
MYSTERY CHEESE PARCEL is now the name of my indie rock band.
I saw that you stated the cheese had a black rind, but why is the customary color of the cheese itself? Black as well (presumably as a result of the addition of the charcoal)?
To make it look like coal, I think! It's a bit weird on first look, but it is tasty :)
That looks slightly frightening, yet alluring. ^_^;

I look forward to reports (and photos) of cooking with it. =:D
Too late! Scoffed the lot, simply as it came.