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This IS me (by schwitters)Default


I set off for work yesterday morning, only to discover a completely flat back tyre by the time I'd reached the end of my road.

Since, whatever I did at this point, I was going to be at least an hour late, I elected to go back inside, make a coffee, do some WFH and email my boss to apprise her of the situation.

Because my boss is lovely, she came back with 'no problem, the important thing is making your bike safe'. So I worked from home for the rest of the day, visiting my friendly local workshop after lunch to have a piece of flint dug out from my tyre and a mushroom patch inserted.

Second puncture in under three weeks. That had better be the lot.


Is a mushroom patch anything like a cabbage patch?
I was going to put just 'a mushroom', but I thought it would sound silly...
Ugh! Who's leaving sharp flint flakes lying around? (I presume it was at least fairly sharp.)
Bloody neolithics. London's full of 'em.
That's why they died out. Just wouldn't tidy up after themselves. Not civilised at all.
I wasn't near by was I? Of late my presence seems to cause tires to get flat. Last Tuesday I did my good Samaritan turn and helped a little old lady change the tyre on her car. Yesterday I was driving through a different part of town and low and behold, the same old lady had a different flat tyre. Sunday my good friend Amelia got a puncture while in Wales.
IT'S YOU!...no, surely not! This isn't the first time I've had two in quick succession, though.
I may have a bad luck gene for others in my biological make up.
I may have a bad luck gene for others in my biological make up.
Wait, you ride a bike (yay, a fellow cyclist)? I know the British don't really drive much (as they don't really need to) but what if it's cold and rainy? That'd be miserable. :(
Well, a motorbike, so I'm probably The Enemy if you're a cyclist! I ride pretty much all year round, unless there's fresh snow that hasn't been cleared yet, but you can do that here.
Yeah, i'm a cyclist. I thought you meant bicycle when you said bike, not a motorcycle. XD

Hope you don't get any more! *hugs*
Thanks! *hugs*
Hope this is the end of tire issues for a loooooooon time!

And I am so happy that you have such a kind, understanding & caring boss!!! 😉

*hugs back* She's very good - I'm lucky.
You drive a Vespa, don't you, dear? *prepares for verbal barrage in the event his comment was not apropos*
Not any more, but it's not surprising you missed that! I've had one of these for a couple of years: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_NC700D_Integra

I still love the Vespas, and hang out with my Vespa forum friends, but I needed something more reliable...
Careful - next thing you know, Sapphire and Steel will be around, enquiring about any potentially unusual rock-related incidents in the area.
They could visit me any time they liked!
Usually when I start getting flats with my tires (auto), they're reaching end-of-life and are in need of replacing. I hope that's not the case with yours, but just wanted to share the experience with you. I went through several sets of tires while racking up 416,000 miles on that car :)
I think you're right; it's just that with a service and MOT due this month, I'd rather hang on to the tyres a little longer :/