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Cheap Acts of Niceness

Yesterday, I got my flatmate some refried beans from The 99p Store.

It turned out she also had something for me: on-date salted caramel cookies from the bargain bread bin at Sainsbury's.

We were 24 hours late for Random Acts of Kindness Day, which is apparently celebrated on February 17th...but specifying a day doesn't seem very random.


I wasn't aware of that day, but i wasn't really in any mood to be nice that day (which is quite rare lol). XD
Shame nobody committed a random act of kindness on you, then!
It could still happen on a random day too. :)
Fingers crossed!
No, a specific date doesn't seem very random.
It's like having a Big Surprise Day.
To counter the gestalt, I bought a little thing for a very good friend whilst up in yon Edinburgh - and without knowing, on this very day you cite. ^_^ (Ow, though, transatlantic postage is painful. Still, I suppose it's only about the same as a day ticket for the extended local area, as I use for my rabbiteering)

Salted caramel does seem very en vogue, ne? I found some Twining's salted caramel green tea bags the other week. Of course, I had to give them a shot - actually rather good! The flavor's nicely balanced - not "in your face", whilst also not being only vaguely hinting either. (Like any good heathen, I take mine with milk and sugar regardless)
Also dulce de leche. I bought some in the 99p Store for a friend's late pancake day yesterday, and it was a smash hit.

I will look out for the green tea! I've had caramel rooibos, liked it, and failed to find any more.