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The Truth Is Around Somewhere

When I visited my mum at the weekend, she let on that Amazon Prime gives her access to the entire first series of The X-Files. So we watched a couple, to warm up for the all-new miniseries.

I don't think I had watched these episodes since their original UK airing more then twenty years ago, but I found myself remembering lines and events seconds before they happened. I'd forgotten how weird and creepy it was, right from the start, and the way Mulder and Scully's personalities immediately started bouncing off each other. How big everyone's glasses were! How oblong the cars!

I awaited 9PM last night with great impatience, and I liked what I saw. The creepiness and the chemistry are still there, along with a couple of callbacks to that first ever episode (that I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't watched it three days previously).

Eagerly awaiting the remaining five!


Demand 5 has a selection of episodes too; I watched the pilot for the first time in the early hours, and could see why a series was commissioned.
I felt they almost overplayed their hand on the romance side and had to backpedal - but so successfully they kept up the will they/won't they/have they already for a decade...
Apparently the third new episode is by Darin Morgan, who wrote the best episodes of the original (or of TV, full stop) - I am ridiculously excited.

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The documentary I watched beforehand made further developments look both exciting and hilarious.
I thought it a tad confusing and overly complex making it a somewhat odd move for a "we're back" episode, mind you that may be because of the six pints of Doom Bar i had consumed. Gillian Anderson seems to have lost a fair amount of weight since the last time she played Scully, but it is nice to be back. I was unsurprised they kept the original titles (more or less) but was surprised to see CSM at the end considering we'd seen him get blown up at the end of Season 9.
I am doing a similar catch up with the not-at-all-weird series Twin Peaks where the roots of the X Files can be seen. Special Agent Dale Cooper is a prototype Mulder only a bit more likeable due to his quirkiness and in later episodes we get David Duchovney turn up, in drag.
I've only ever seen a few episodes of Twin Peaks - I should fix that.

Definitely an episode for those who are fans already, rather than draw new people in. I'm guessing that was deliberate, and they were banking on a big enough audience left over from the old days.

Both Mulder and Scully were looking good, but 'dishevelled, stressed and underslept' does look better on David Duchovny.
Absolutely! The first season is more essential, but the second needs watching as well. In my case, that was over the course of about three days, pausing only to eat, sleep, and not at all to ever pack a new bowl in the pipe.

I'd like to see the new X Files, but, I'm still only midway through s2 of OitNB, s1e9 of Extant, and.. well, you get the picture. ^_^;
I watch almost no TV, so X-Files is 50% of what I'm watching at the moment. The other half is Deutschland 83.
Hooray! I totally forgot they were back until this post!
I can't remember where I first saw the news - Twitter, I think? I've been keeping an eye out since!
Yeah, it totally does feel like the x files :)
I also really enjoy watching the first seasons in between the new ones. So many differences, but also so much in common!

But my memory seems to be so much worse than yours! I'm sure that i've seen season 1 and 2 in 2008 completely. But watching them now, most of them didn't even seem familiar.
I think it just made a big impression on me first time round!