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The Truth Is Around Somewhere

When I visited my mum at the weekend, she let on that Amazon Prime gives her access to the entire first series of The X-Files. So we watched a couple, to warm up for the all-new miniseries.

I don't think I had watched these episodes since their original UK airing more then twenty years ago, but I found myself remembering lines and events seconds before they happened. I'd forgotten how weird and creepy it was, right from the start, and the way Mulder and Scully's personalities immediately started bouncing off each other. How big everyone's glasses were! How oblong the cars!

I awaited 9PM last night with great impatience, and I liked what I saw. The creepiness and the chemistry are still there, along with a couple of callbacks to that first ever episode (that I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't watched it three days previously).

Eagerly awaiting the remaining five!
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