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Go Furries!

Claw the Way to Victory is an anthology centred around anthropomorphic animals in sports, and how their nature changes the way sports are played. As soon as the call for submissions came out, I knew what I wanted to write about.

Cats playing table tennis.

Also, spies.

So I wrote Ping-Pong Diplomacy. It's 1971, and all Tux the cat wants to do on the US team's tour of China is play, not get caught up in East/West politics...

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I wonder if east/west relations could be improved in a similar way today.... perhaps we should resurrect It's A Knockout and challenge Putin.
More likely it would all take place online, with the fate of the world decided in World of Warcraft. Or Minecraft.
Ah yes perhaps. We have long passed Fenric chess matches
Congratulations on your continued success :)

(I do wonder how many people know the these gifs but don't know about Toonces, The Driving Cat - it's a classic 90s SNL sketch :))
Argh, I don't! I will look him up! (I do know a furry named Toonces, though - suddenly it all becomes clear...)