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Monocle Husky

Berlin Game: 2

Snow had been promised for Saturday morning, and I eagerly opened the curtains onto grey and white streets with flakes still falling; in short, exactly what I needed to fuel my Spy Who Came In From The Cold fantasies.

Arakin and I walked to the bakery next door and brought back pastries for breakfast, after which we caught the tram into town and met Cleo at the huge KaDeWe department store. We marvelled at the goodies on offer (I bought a cookie cutter shaped like a scooter) before getting down to the real purpose of our visit: the café.

Kaffee und Kuchen at the KaDeWe is something of an institution, and I found out why. The others laughed at the suffusion of bliss that overwhelmed my face when I bit into my raspberry and meringue tart, but it was quite probably the best cake I have ever tasted. We savoured, luxuriated, lingered; then, refreshed, headed for further shopping.

We visited C&A at my request, since they've been extinct in the UK for about twenty years. Then I was introduced to the big Humana secondhand clothes shop, where I demonstrated my superpower of looking good in hats, somehow resisted buying a red jumpsuit, and appointed Cleo my personal shopper and stylist in perpetuity (I have been waiting all my life for someone to tell me I'd look really good in jumbo cords and a plaid waistcoat).

In a sudden burst of tourism, we visited the Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust Memorial, both imposing in the snowy darkness, before heading back to the flat, bread and cheese, conversation, and collapse.



I have been waiting all my life for someone to tell me I'd look really good in jumbo cords and a plaid waistcoat

Pics! Pics, or it didn't happen! :)

If the cake tasted half as good as it looks, I can see why you were lost in bliss, too.
Heh :) The recommended cords turned out not to fit, but I do have a jumpsuit pic.

I spent a while wondering whether I could eat the little logo on top of the cake, as I couldn't decide whether it was plastic or chocolate. It turned out to be chocolate.
Oh yeah, I think those are always chocolate. I can't well imagine putting something on a cake that's not edible. (Though I reckon stranger things have happened.)
I'm amazed it's taken so long for not just good coffee, but seriously good cakes, to be a thing in the UK! Even now, most of the coffee chains just sell a couple standards, and American muffins. Thankfully, despite also being a chain, Patisserie Valerie is rather good. ^_^ But still, not nearly as routine as in Germany. (To say nothing of all the wonderful breads, from crunchy rolls to the hefty vollkornbrot that's half a meal per slice =:)

Nope, can't imagine why folk might settle in Berlin. ^_^ (Have you ever contemplated such?)
Good British cakes tend to be homemade rather than handmade, if you see what I mean; a really nice sponge cake, rather than a lovingly crafted piece of patisserie. Hence you're more likely to find it in an old-fashioned tea shop than a coffee place.

I honestly can't imagine living anywhere other than the UK! If I did, northern France and San Francisco are currently topping the list. But I did love Berlin and I have a favourable impression of Germany as a whole, so...
The Food Court at KaDeWe is amazing. I went there two nights running for the food and the view.
Hmm, I didn't really notice the view; we were a long way from the windows. Another time!
I may have shoplifted a single button - shaped like a telephone - from the KaDeWe.
I imagine they factor quite a lot of that in! (Do you still have it?)