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East is East

Channel 4 has been hawking Deutschland 83 on bus posters round my way, and got me all hyped up for it, but somehow neglected to mention that it was a German series in actual German with English subtitles.

This made it slightly hard work, but enjoyable nonetheless. I tend to think of the Cold War as a monochrome thing of the 1950s and '60s, and here it is happening within my lifetime, soundtracked by Eurythmics and 99 Luftballons.

I spent much of the episode shouting at the unwilling 24-year-old East German spy who, poor little chap, can hardly help not being much good at a job he's been unexpectedly forced into, and I'm greatly looking forward to the next instalment.


I did watch it (thanks for the tip) and was also taken aback to find it in German with subtitles. I did start to tune in to it a little by the end. He really is a useless spy, isn't he? Eight episodes may seem too many if it doesn't get more exciting.
It could get good if some of the other characters develop a bit. I like Agent Aunt!
Ive only found that out tonight, so will be watching. Will be nice to use my German A-level for something other than EBay.de and other sites for obscure items!

Would have been 1987 when I started learning German, so not far off.
I was doing my best to follow along in German, but found it hard to avert my eyes from the subtitles!
Curiously, I've just read it was actually written in English, then translated into German. I'm not sure, but it almost sounds like the English subtitles may have been translated from German, too.

(I haven't seen any, myself)
Interesting; it certainly feels very German now.