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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

2015 in books

Goodreads provides a handy chart depicting everything* I've read this year, which you should be able to see too:


My book of the year was The Last Pilot by Ben Johncock. I read other good books, but he wins because he did an ace author talk at my local bookshop. Honourable mention to The Bees, which made me cry, and Expo 58, which I read on the way to and in the location - Brussels - where it's set.

* except re-reads, children's books sneakily read in Waterstones, terrible 1920s aviation adventure novels too obscure to be listed, and no doubt other stuff.


That's cool!
It looks like a certificate!
I wasn't as good at keeping track of my reads as I could have been, but hooray for Goodreads! I love that site.
My flatmate adds a handful of books every January and then forgets about it for the rest of the year :) I like it a lot, though.