Alice Dryden (huskyteer) wrote,
Alice Dryden

2016 minus 1 hour

I hope everyone is having a lovely New Year's Eve. I've just eaten most of a Stilton with Grand Marnier Extract and Dried Fruit, which was reduced to 45p in Tesco the other day, so it's all good here.

Low points were Howard's bike accident in August, and several friends having undeservedly horrible things happen to them which I was powerless to do anything about.

Good highs, though. Back in January I spent two weeks in San Francisco with two sets of friends, Howard and I hired a Harley for the day, and I attended Further Confusion in San Jose. Here and elsewhere, I met many friends from the furry writing circuit in person for the first time.

I also had a great birthday: watching Spitfires take off from Goodwood on September 15th, Battle of Britain Day (I have often wished I'd managed to pop out a day early), and spending the birthday itself at an air museum and, later, a gin distillery.

I had three short stories published - The Analogue Cat, Gerbil 07 and A Blacker Dog - all of which I was very pleased with, and a couple of poems, ditto.

I've been with my current employer for just over a year, which isn't bad for a six-week contract. In summer my team acquired a new boss who immediately set about getting me a permanent position and a pay rise, both of which came into effect in October.

In biking news, the Integra has been in my possession for three years and done 55,000 miles. This year we visited such exotic destinations as France! Luxembourg! Germany! Birmingham! and Worthing!

Then there was my black belt, about which I continue to brag to anyone who can't run away fast enough.

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2016 bring great things to us all, for we are awesome.
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