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Answer for question 4571.

Behold the obvious answer.

What's your favorite animated show of all time (all forms of animation welcome)? Why do you enjoy it so much? Which animated shows do you wish were more broadly popular than they are?
Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds. Something about the idea of cartoon dogs with swords spoke to a hitherto undiscovered portion of my soul back in 1985, when I was seven, and I was hooked from the first episode.

Hooked enough to make swords out of garden canes, have my hair put in bunches so it would look like Aramis's spanielly ears, and to remember after all this time exactly which episode I missed because we went on holiday to Cornwall for a week and did not yet own a video recorder.

Years later, when I needed a username, I combined three of my favourite things - Dogtanian, the dog stories of Jack London, and puns - to get Huskyteer, which has dogged me online ever since.

A later obsession was Thundercats, and in particular Tygra. Aramis set a definite pattern in my affections for well-spoken, dandified gentlemen (see also Jon Pertwee's portrayal of the Doctor).

There wasn't much Dogtanian merchandise available, but Thundercats was another story, and I ended up with a lot of stuff. Some I still have, some became too tatty and horrible even for me. Pencil cases. Toothbrushes. A lampshade. I once saw and coveted a pencil sharpener shaped like the Thundertank, but it cost something astronomical like £1.99, which was way out of my budget.

Recently it gave me a slightly nasty sensation to see Thundercats figures on sale at £15 a pop in Bromley's comic, sci-fi and cult shop, Time Trek. My childhood!!

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