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Answer for question 4571.

Behold the obvious answer.

What's your favorite animated show of all time (all forms of animation welcome)? Why do you enjoy it so much? Which animated shows do you wish were more broadly popular than they are?
Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds. Something about the idea of cartoon dogs with swords spoke to a hitherto undiscovered portion of my soul back in 1985, when I was seven, and I was hooked from the first episode.

Hooked enough to make swords out of garden canes, have my hair put in bunches so it would look like Aramis's spanielly ears, and to remember after all this time exactly which episode I missed because we went on holiday to Cornwall for a week and did not yet own a video recorder.

Years later, when I needed a username, I combined three of my favourite things - Dogtanian, the dog stories of Jack London, and puns - to get Huskyteer, which has dogged me online ever since.

A later obsession was Thundercats, and in particular Tygra. Aramis set a definite pattern in my affections for well-spoken, dandified gentlemen (see also Jon Pertwee's portrayal of the Doctor).

There wasn't much Dogtanian merchandise available, but Thundercats was another story, and I ended up with a lot of stuff. Some I still have, some became too tatty and horrible even for me. Pencil cases. Toothbrushes. A lampshade. I once saw and coveted a pencil sharpener shaped like the Thundertank, but it cost something astronomical like £1.99, which was way out of my budget.

Recently it gave me a slightly nasty sensation to see Thundercats figures on sale at £15 a pop in Bromley's comic, sci-fi and cult shop, Time Trek. My childhood!!



Ah, so that's where "huskyteer" came from!

I never really watched Thundercats – only caught the occasional episode –, but I liked it, too.
I was never that interested in Power Rangers or Ninja Turtles, which showed up around the same time - the fact that they were big cats made all the difference!
Yeah, I can understand that; I didn't watch either of those either. Then again I was more of a classic cartoon kid, in a way: I loved Tom & Jerry, for instance, or Bugs Bunny. Or later slapstick in the same tradition: the Animaniacs had a lot of that, for instance, and I loved that show. Pinkie and the Brain wasn't as good when they spun it off, sadly, and though some friends of mine raved about Bonkers, it never clicked with me either.

Other than that there was the Simpsons, of course: a huge influence, and a show that still amazes me in terms of the sheer absolute number of great episodes it had. (Granted, there's always been stinkers as well, and later seasons have been entirely forgettable.)

I also liked some slice-of-life, story-driven shows; Weekenders was pretty cool, and for a short while I watched Pepper Ann, though I eventually found the latter too stereotypical, lacking creativity. (The same's true for Recess; the less said about that, the better.) Doug never clicked with me, but Hey, Arnold had its moments. Futurama was OK, but didn't quite manage to capture what made the Simpsons great; it was too smooth, too slick, too "Hollywood", lacking the subversive anarchy that had made the early Simpsons great.

South Park was mostly crap, and I never watched Family Guy or American Dad, though I liked the latter's theme song. (It's great as an alarm in the morning!)

arte occasionally showed cartoons from a century ago, before the had color (or, sometimes, sound), and though there's a great many that are rightly forgotten there were corkers there, too. One I still recall by name there is Flip the Frog.

But overall I didn't watch THAT many cartoons anyway, or at least not exclusively; I also liked (some) US-American slice-of-life sitcoms. ALF was great, and I practically lived on Roseanne (and had a big crush on Darlene, at least in her earlier years; I lost interest when she became an angsty art student). My parents liked the Cosby Show, though in retrospect I think it was dominated too much by Cosby's own character, who had everyone under this thumb except for his wife (who had HIM under HER thumb). Seinfeld also had its moments, though I'm not deeply familiar with the show.

Thinking about it it's funny how I never had any interest in domestic productions, too. I'm not really aware of any German cartoons of note, and German series are invariably over-the-top kitschy drama (or dramatic kitsch) that's pushing all my wrong buttons.

Oh yeah, and as far as cartoons go, obviously there's MLP:FiM as well. :)
I was a little too old when Animaniacs appeared, but watched anyway. When I was smaller one of my big things was Scooby Doo (I'm the one person who really likes Scrappy, I'm afraid; my favourites were from the era where the end credits roll over a B/W still of Scooby restraining Scrappy with a paw on his tail), and I also loved Hanna Barbera stuff like Top Cat.

It took me a few episodes to tune in to South Park, after which I really liked it. I'll watch The Simpsons if I walk into a room and it's on. There's nothing these days I go out of my way to watch; friends have shown me Steven Universe, Archer, and Bojack Horseman, and they were fun, but I haven't made the effort to watch any more.

When Channel 4 first started they showed a LOT of US sitcoms, which is how I got into Mork & Mindy, Happy Days, and most importantly Get Smart. I did enjoy the Cosby Show but had barely thought about it until you mentioned it!
Yay Dogtanian! I nominated it as a short for our weekly movie night just last month, after running across it on YouTube and remembering the theme song from long, long ago. :-)

Haven't got around to watching all the episodes yet - I probably should. From what I saw it was maybe a little more favourable to the Muskethounds than is historically accurate…
It is a very faithful adaptation of the novel, though, more than any live action film or TV version I've seen - obviously the sex aspects are glossed over, and Dogtanian's adultery is taken out (d'Artagnan's romance is with a married woman, while the cartoon has her unattached).
I also loved Dogtanian, and Toby's a fan too. (Though he asks approximately 1 question every 10 seconds while watching it, which I completely understand because I was mostly baffled when I first watched it too, and I must have been at least twice his age at the time.)
I am glad it's still entertaining the young, and possibly encouraging them to wave sticks around pretending they're swords!
And now the Dogtanian theme song will once again be stuck in my head for weeks. Thanks a bunch. =>;)

Only vaguely related, but a DVD containing a few episodes of Around the World with Willy Fog turned up in a charity shop today. (No, I didn't buy it!)
That plinky-plink bit at the beginning does stick around, doesn't it? Sorry about that!

Friends actually found me a Dogtanian figurine in a charity shop, and those things are like hen's teeth.
Good lord I had totally forgotten about Dogtanian and the Muskerhounds. I could repeats in the late eighties/early nineties as I am a few years junior to you. I remeber the theme very well. Do remember Willy Fog which was based on 80 Days around the World?
Yes! I didn't love it quite as much as Dogtanian but I watched it faithfully, and it led me to read the book, which is still a favourite comfort read.
I think they did a sequel series based on Journey to the Centre of the Earth a bit later but no sure exactly.
I think I remember that - quality took a nosedive. Same with the Muskehounds sequel which was very loosely based on The Man in the Iron Mask.
Omigosh, I loved that Dogtanian show so much. And yet I've never thought to buy it on DVD - something I may well have to fix when I have the chance. I never forgot that tune either. That series, as well as Willy Fog, Cities Of Gold and of course Thundercats... an amazing decade for cartoon series. :)
Ooh, Cities of Gold! Obviously I didn't like it as much as the furrier ones, but it was pretty great. And how about Ulysses 31?

Dogtanian on DVD might even still have the character profiles the producers nicked from my website, too!
Yeah, same here - I did like Cities Of Gold and that theme tune still brings back memories. But I still preferred the furry ones too. Apart from all else the characters just seemed more unique! :)

Oh yes, Ulysses 31 is a belter. I've got the DVD boxset for that somewhere and although it has a few dips, mostly it was still very entertaining. And another great theme tune. (Though it doesn't quite rival the one from Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors, for me at least.)

Ooh yes, I think I remember you mentioning that about your website, a while back. I'll certainly have to look out for that if I can find a copy!
Now I don't remember Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors at all! I don't know if it's an age thing or there was something on the other channel I preferred...
It had a pretty decent set of songs at the start and end ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14C9hySGfWw ) but I think the actual show didn't do too well. I remember it never got a second series, and the story ended in the middle of nowhere as if they did plan to continue with it. One of those mysterious 80s cartoons that just disappeared almost without trace. :)
Only ONE word needed:

SNOOPY!!!!! 💗💗💗💗

Watched ALL of the seasonal specials every year, and the regular episodes (not to mention read all of the comics!)

(So need to buy all the specials, and shows, on DVD!)

I recall that my paternal grandmother would buy me ANYTHING that had Snoopy on it - so that sweet beagle always tugs at my heart strings, partly for that reason.

(I also remember walking into the "All Things Snoopy" store, and thinking I had died and gone to the best kind of Heaven, as Snoopy was everywhere! 😆)

There was just something about that beagle that gripped heart, and still hasn't let go! I loved his attempts at writing, his friendship with Woodstock... and, of course, his relationship with the Red Baron! Thought that was the coolest thing.

I am currently in the midst of a need to gather all things Snoopy again, as for some reason I do not own much at all anymore. This coming from the girl who had everything from bedsheets to pencils, with that Pup on them. So, I am now scouring shops for Snoopy stuffs - hoping the new movie will bring more stuff out.

(McDonald's is currently doing Snoopy toys!! Tiger got me the Lucy one, and Charlie Brown cuddling Snoopy. Me got more to find!!! 😉)

I love "Peanuts" too, with Linus being my favourite. And, one other cool thing is that my Mum still adores "Peanuts" and Snoopy too. That makes me smile. She says that Lucy is the epitome of her. LOL

I also loved (& still do) Fraggle Rock, Scooby Doo and Tom & Jerry. ☺

(I promise that I will watch the Dogtanian DVDs you are letting us borrow. 😉)
Ooh, are you seeing/have you seen the new movie? I am tempted, because I know part of the plot features the Red Baron :)

I have been part of an epic quest by the Vespa forum to send a toy Snoopy around the world - you might enjoy his adventures, which are nearly at an end:


Here's the map of his travels: https://a.tiles.mapbox.com/v4/flordianmap.j541h1ea/page.html?access_token=pk.eyJ1IjoiZmxvcmRpYW5tYXAiLCJhIjoiRXQ3M0N1YyJ9.guEGXYQcfqy1YIU_dcRo0A#4/39.50/-111.53