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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Answer for question 4561.

It's been a while. I don't actually know where to find the Writer's Block questions any more; I only see them if somebody else posts one.

Were you a fan of stuffed animals or plush toys as a child? Do you still enjoy them as an adult? What was your favorite stuffed animal when you were a kid -- do you still have it? Are there any toys from your childhood that you wish you had held onto?
If you're wondering why an adult would confess to cuddly toy ownership, allow me to point you firstly at this recent [adjective][species] editorial by jm_horse, and secondly at one of my favourite quotations:
When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.
Cs. S. Lewis

I had many, many cuddly toys as a child; I was given them, and I bought them for myself. I still own a handful of these ragged and beloved creatures (including an Andrex puppy, which places me firmly in a certain generation), but most of them I got rid of when my mum moved out of the house I grew up in. Such is the human capacity for anthropomorphication that I felt pretty bad about it and still do.

Like a lot of people, I assumed that at some point I would pass through an adulting process in which I would learn to know all the answers, apply lipstick, and stop sleeping with toy animals. Didn't happen. My parents, I know, worried about my taking a companion or two to boarding-school, and to university, but I was hardly alone, or even in a minority.

I no longer sleep with so many toys in the bed that there's barely room for me, like Dave's big sister in Dogger, but I do share with a large cuddly husky, and have a basket of other animals on rotation. When I'm travelling I take a small husky named Bootsy along, because I like having something to hold if I'm sleeping in a strange bed.

I do still acquire soft toys by gift or purchase. Mostly huskies, these days, but anything with a nice face is likely to be scooped up.


😉 You know that we can relate, and understand. Is always nice to see Bootsy. 😄

(Less than 48 hours, & counting, til X-mas fun!!!!!!! Yes, I HAVE broken out the Christmas Tala Icon! 😆)

So excite!! (I have JUST used this icon replying to my mum, but you're the second to receive it.)
Heh, I recognize that husky — that one's from Ikea, right?
Yes, and I bought one! Didn't have a photo to hand, though.
I still have quite a few of mine from my childhood, including several stuffed horses, and on occasion, when I am having a very bad night or a very bad day and the dog or the cats aren't helping, yes, I will still sleep with my most cherished one. Don't think it's odd at all. More people should do it, actually.
Agreed! It's nice and it harms nobody.
Ditto! Sunday is plushie change over day! Always take 2 when i'm away!
One spare for emergencies? :)

This time of year it's always several huskies!
Call me odd, but i always think that one on its own would be quite lonely. Over the years the plushies seem to have paired off in gay couples (i dont think we have any girls), and most now have adopted cubs a few have grand-cubs. Nobody has divorced yet.
Aww! Selfishly, I feel that two would have each other while just one has to rely on me for company :)

I had a lot of toy couples in childhood, but these days they mostly seem to adopt each other.