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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

The Street That Time Forgot

I had a parcel to post yesterday lunchtime, and Post Office queues are already ramping up to Christmas crazy. Remembering that a colleague had told me about a smaller Post Office, roughly the same distance away as the one on the High Street but in the opposite direction, I thought I'd check it out. And so I found myself in Chatterton Road, or 'Chatterton Village' as, according to current vogue, it styles itself.

It was like a street from the past. No chains except a small Co-op supermarket. Chemist's. Pub on the corner. A launderette; a wool shop; Waggles Pet Emporium. A model aeroplane shop. And a charity shop for a local cause, where everything was priced so that people who are not professional collectors of vintage retro chic could purchase it too. Toys that kids can buy with their pocket money (which makes me feel bad when I buy them)!

I bought a hardback copy of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book, which I've been meaning to read for ages. It cost 25p, because it was classed as children's, and appears to contain illustrator Chris Riddell's autograph. Also: a string of fairy lights shaped like aeroplanes.

The whole thing was rather like the recurring dream I have where I'm at a market or car boot sale and keep turning up treasures.

I may go back for the tiny £3 Krups espresso machine. I lingered over it, but was slightly afraid I would poison, scald or electrocute myself.


That old-style model shop up the street a bit has a wool shop next door to which I have to take my mother when she's over...
I saw the wool bit first and thought 'Avicraft' was a bit of a funny name for a knitting supplier's :)

Edited at 2015-11-25 01:15 pm (UTC)
I've conducted wool-related transactions via the model shop counter before now, though I think the wool involved had been pre-bagged...
…and in all the excitement you forgot to post your parcel? (-8
I did that first. The charity shop was my reward for braving the horrors of the PO!
I loved The Graveyard Book! Good find.
I had a feeling you'd read it, and a couple of friends have also been enthusiastic. Good!
Love little treasure troves like that! !!!! 😆
Did you accept the Turkish Delight offered by a kindly stranger?
I wish! (Well, I'd prefer tea with a faun.)