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For my generation of British kids, perhaps the most startling thing about Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure was the scene where they go to Waterloo, a giant outdoor water park.

During my childhood I was lucky enough to be taken more than once to Center Parcs in their native Netherlands, before we had them over here. Otherwise, like most British kids, my swimming experience was limited to a municipal pool with a rickety, pale blue plastic slide that would be suddenly removed amid rumours that a child had fallen off and been killed/paralysed/lost all their teeth.

But I never lost sight of the Bill and Ted waterpark dream.

That's why I took Wednesday afternoon off to go to Coral Reef Waterworld in Bracknell with yagfox.

Obviously a November Wednesday in Surrey is far removed from the California experience, but we were not complaining. As well as three flumes, one of which was billed as 'extreme' and I was too scared to try, there are bubble beds, whirlpools, a lazy river, and a fibreglass volcano that periodically 'erupts' in a forceful jet of water. We also paid for access to Sauna World, with its three saunas, jacuzzi, steam room and cold pool. I have seldom been more relaxed, or more clean, than I was that evening.

The best thing to do after swimming is to have fish and chips (which was once my post-swimming-lesson treat every Friday), so we went to Fishcraft in Eton, where I had what was probably the best fish pie I have ever tasted. No jumbo sausage in batter, alas.


Blimey, I think I'm adventurous when I just go down a normal flume, so forget 'extreme' ones.
APPARENTLY it was just narrower and quite fast. But by the time I'd worked up enough practice on the normal ones it was time to think about leaving!

(Do you ever go to King Alf's? There were many outings to the pool when I was at boarding-skool.)

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I love water parks. I went to one called Wet and wild in Newcastle when I was little, but the best was one in Thailand with non-swimming pool rides that soaked you, massive massively tall slides that some men sort of surfed down, anda really long lazy river that was swift enough to carry you along without any effort.
Thailand has more appropriate weather for such things than Newcastle! I've heard good things about Wet & Wild, so if I'm ever in the area I'll make a point of going. (I had hopes of going to a French water park one year but apparently Easter is too early for them to open. Wimpy ol' French.)
I love water parks - got taken to San Dimas just south of LA and it was fabulous - like Alton Towers only watery. Also the one next to Gardaland on Lake Garda, which was clearly a cheaper version - you had to roll your own inflated donuts up the hill to the top of each ride, but easier to get to. And had an 'erupting' volcano ride.

I did look a bit enviously at my neice and nephew last weekend going down the flumes at Bournemouth Leisure Centre, but as my kids can't swim yet they weren't allowed on and I couldn't leave them.
And San Dimas is where Bill and Ted live! AAAAAAAH! And drats, I missed the one at Lake Garda, but I only spent a night there.

Soon your children will be big enough and you will have a brilliant excuse for watery fun!
Oo, I might have been there too! I don't recall the name (something fairly obvious, like Waterland, I think), but it was while staying with a friend down in Dana Point, so, it might have been the same one. ^_^

There's a water park by Lake Garda? O.o Dammit, we passed right by, and never knew. Beautiful sight, though.. I'd love to revisit, now I have some reasonable photographic kit to do such scenery justice.
That sounds lovely. I simply adore going swimming, and really wish we had any worthwhile pools in town, or even out of town (yet not so far away I can't get to them).

Unfortunately we don't.
Boo :( Now I work for a chain of leisure centres, I get free access to our six pools, but they're all a drive away, though one I can walk to from work.

I actually live just up the road from the National Sports Centre, but I haven't tried it yet!
Ooh, nice! :)

There's a new pool being built (or planned to be built, I'm not sure) here which is supposed to open in 2017. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be nice — I don't think it's going to be one of those "tropical paradise, fun for the whole family for an entire day" things, but as long as it's more than "lanes for (wannabe) professional swimmers and a wading pool for the kids", I'll be happy. A place to just play, and relax, and have fun, AND also swim a little, that would be perfect.
Yes! So many places are one or the other. Or, sometimes, neither!
Yay water park!

What is a bubble bed?
It's where they make the edge of the pool a gentle slope so you can lounge on it while air comes up through lots of tiny holes! I expect it has other names.
As much fun as water parks are, I do retain some measure of disappointment that this entry lacks any ABBA relevance. ^_^
Bill & Ted >>> ABBA :P
We have lots of waterparks here in NY state - the one that we go to occasionally is the one in Old Forge, NY called Water Safari. It's great fun!


If you are ever back across the pond during the summer in my state, I would love to take you! LOL (It also is an awesome ride to get up there too - very scenic!)
Oh, it is a deal!!