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The Woman Who Lived

I have only one thing to say about Saturday's instalment of Doctor Who and it is: [Spoiler (click to open)]what a happy coincidence that an alien lion man from another planet should have a name that means 'lion man' in an ancient Earth language!!


pfft to Leandro. And he went pfft, so the writer obviously wasn't impressed by him, either. *grin*

I'll say something else: I love watching Peter Capaldi. So, even when modern DW is behaving like modern DW and making me eyeroll, I get to watch him, and that makes it all worthwhile.
Me too! A welcome return to the silver fox ethos.
A friend elsewhere also got Pertwee flashbacks with the scene of him on the horse, red lining to coat and all.
The Dandy Highwayman!
After the opening couple of minutes, I instantly christened it "Arya and Amiability" in my head.