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I'd been meaning to check out The World Goes Pop at the Tate Modern for ages, and on Saturday I managed to get there in the company of two friends who, handily, are members and got me in for free.

I thought I knew pop art. I didn't. I knew Warhol and Liechtenstein. I had no idea about all the stuff that was going on in Brazil, Romania, Spain (still a dictatorship), France (where the contraceptive pill was hotly debated), Yugoslavia: comments on the Vietnam War, on American consumerism, and issues closer to home.

Pop art in fact progressed so quickly that by the late 1960s artists are already riffing on Warhol, with images of his scorched and ripped soup cans as all that's left to represent culture following the nuclear holocaust.

I especially liked the last room, themed around consumerism - much more what we expect from pop art, and wallpapered in a Laughing Cow motif - but the whole exhibition was fascinating, with a large number of beautiful pieces as well as a few I would like to scrub from my brain with a Brillo pad.

Also, ever so many female genitalia. Wow.

Valentine - Evelyne Axell

Kandarya – Mahadeva - Jana Želibská

Bućan Art - Boris Bućan

(Pics purloined from the internet as no photography allowed in the exhibition.)
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