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Secret Agent Dog

It Was a Dark and Furry Night

Inhuman Acts, available for preorder from FurPlanet, is an anthology of noir featuring anthropomorphic characters. The tales span any number of alternate, fantasy and future universes, but you're guaranteed murder, mystery, intrigue, romance, heartbreak and honour, not to mention assorted mammals in trench coats.

My contribution, A Blacker Dog, explores the possibility that everyone is accompanied from birth to death by their very own spectral hound, but only one man can see them.

Look at that retro cover! AND, see that dog front and centre? He's from MY story!

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Oooo... me likies the sound of your story!!!!

Def be ordering that when the pennies allow!

Awesome work, and Congrats.



Thank you! *hugs*
I absolutely love the title.
Ooh, congratulations! Well done you. :-)
Thank you!
Hooray for you! You are really carving out a niche in your genre - must be chuffed to bits! :)
Niches are for breaking out of! But I am pleased to be earning a reputation within the fandom!
Cool, congrats!
Thank you!
Fantastic; well done! =:) And your dog looks very striking on that cover, too.
Thank you! He's a hellhound with a heart of gold :)
Congrats on cover doggie AND published story to boot! Yay!!!
Thank you!