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Dog, Sausage and Cider

It's recently been suggested that I have a magical ability to make cider festivals spring up around me. This was confirmed over the Bank Holiday weekend, three days which involved two cider festivals and a 'cider shed' dispensing Lulworth Skipper.

The Dog, Sausage and Cider Festival (three of my favourite things!) at the Springhead pub in Sutton Poyntz was a very English affair, with a bouncy castle, a sausage-throwing competition (I only managed a measly 13 metres) and a Waggiest Tail class. Our favourite cider was the very local Harbourcider from the Weymouth Cider Company. I would not presume to pick a favourite dog.

Howard's local, the Black Dog, was also having a cider festival, with a highly desirable souvenir glass. Favourite cider probably Muddy Scamp, continuing the canine theme.

Between cider festivals, I spent a lot of the weekend playing Lara Croft GO, a turn-based puzzle game for those of us who like everything about Tomb Raider except the bits where you get killed by a baddie because you couldn't get your guns out in time.



Did you win Waggiest Tail?
I would be boasting about it if I had! I am not at home to modesty :)
13 meters sounds better than I could do! Maybe if you get a spin on it...?
It was about half the women's top score when I was there, and the men had managed up to 50!