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Hey Doug!

Last night Foyles presented Douglas 'Generation X' Coupland in an extended plug for his new book a talk, book reading and signing.

He talked about The Simpsons and said 'aboat' for 'about' as Canadians are supposed to (not that I'd have known without South Park The Movie), made the UK's longest Möbius strip and threw grapes into the audience, but only after comparing them with bogies, played with his microphone and read choice passages from Hey Nostradamus!. As an encore he went away and changed into a sound-sensitive T-shirt. Our applause sent it off the scale.

I'm not good at meeting celebrities; it makes my legs go all wobbly. But I did manage to stammer out a thank you for Microserfs, which is a great favourite of mine, and Doug (as he referred to himself throughout) told me that his next book will also focus on techy issues. Yay! You heard it here first, peeps.

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