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A car driver pulled up next to me on my way to work in order to call me a fucking prick. I have literally no idea why.

Then I got to the office and my colleague had brought me a brownie.


Eek! How very RUDE of that very stupid driver! 😠

But, how lovely of your co-worker to fo such a kind thing!

Hope your day continues on the upside!!!

*hugs* 💗💗
Thanks! Sorry to quote swearing without blanking it out, but it was a shock!

*Hugs* I've had that happen several times, and there's no explanation. Just sheer nastiness. I take heart from the fact that without exception, the people who have said it are always knucklescrapers who probably can't even spell the insults they blast out.
As a friend on a scooter forum said, "what goes on in people's minds that they're already sounding off before 9am?" May we never know!
I concur! As a car driver (and ex-biker) it's incredibly upsetting to see such knobbish behaviour from a fellow motorist, especially for no reason.
Mmm. I had someone pull up alongside me (almost crashing into oncoming traffic) to swear at me for indicating clearly, stopping just beyond a parking space, then engaging reverse to enter the space and waiting for them to get out of the way after they'd followed me too close. There's no accounting for people.

Conversely, the woman I hooted and flashed at a couple of days ago probably thinks I'm some kind of nutter. I hope she noticed her petrol cap was off before it fell from its perch on the open outer flap. /-8
Oh, getting flashed always scares me - I assume my vehicle is on fire or something! I hope she realised something was up and did a check.
Brownies make everything better... and anyone who would say that is confusing themselves with you! *hugs*
^.^ *hugs*
Wow, it's an anthropomorphic YouTube comment!

Followed by LiveJournal. =:)
Ha! Yes!
he probably knew you were about to get a free brownie and no one loved him enough to ever buy him one... which is not surprising considering the guy is a bit of a dick by the sounds of it.
Maybe that was it! I will certainly think so from now on.

It wasn't that van-driver I sounded-off at on the way to Ebbsfleet, was it? Mind you, he was asking for it...

Glad the day got better. I've not had brownies in yonks...might get some later on! ;-)
Commuting to Bromley instead of into central London, I'd forgotten what it's like to get abuse every single day...