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Jags and Jaguars

silverwindblade has been having a birthday, and I spent the weekend in Portsmouth helping him celebrate it.

Lured down after work on Friday by the promise of a jug of Pimms, I travelled in torrential rain and arrived so sodden I had to borrow a pair of tracksuit trousers for the rest of the evening. The Pimms was worth it, though, as was the company of Steve, Anna, and fellow overnight guests Zee and Ultrafox.

The weather cheered up considerably on Saturday, and we sallied forth to the D-Day Museum and Overlord Embroidery. The Americas Cup was also taking place; this was of limited interest, but the air display by the Blades was more our sort of thing, and we caught it from a vantage point looking out to sea.

Then it was time to assemble at Jags@119, a diner-style establishment very much to my taste, for the birthday meal and the Companion Cube cake created by Anna, followed by an evening in the pub. Those who had homes to go to gradually dispersed, and those of use staying at Steve's headed off around 10 because we are all so very old (and had been up till midnight playing cards).

On Sunday it rained again, and I had another soggy journey home. In the late afternoon I took the train to Victoria to meet sci-fi author M.C.A. Hogarth, aka haikujaguar, who has been visiting London this week. I can report that she is a lovely, funny human being as well as an excellent writer; all the more reason to buy her books.


Sounds like a great weekend all around! 😊

I can see a welcoming jug of Pimm's being quite the thing to sustain one's spirits whilst travelling through the seasonally warm downpour. ^_^;

Overload Embroidery? I'm afraid that puts me in mind of a crocheting Dr Eggman.

Someday, I think I might actually commission a really nifty cake. I look upon those Sunday wonders over on Cake Wrecks in some awe, although I wonder if I might not have to leave it to somebody else to actually cut into it.
I kept wanting to call it the Overland Embroidery.

The thing about really cool cakes is that fondant icing, the sort that sculpts, doesn't taste as nice as other kinds! It's a small sacrifice to make, though.