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Mockingbirds at Midnight

I was in the one GCSE English set that didn't do To Kill a Mockingbird, with the result that I read it of my own free will in my early 20s and enjoyed it very much.

I still hadn't seen the acclaimed film version, though, so when Foyles put on a free screening in advance of their midnight release of Go Set a Watchman, I went along.

To my shame, this was the first time I'd been to Foyles's new six-floor emporium. I made my way to the summit, accepted a glass of wine, and chose a seat. Luckily for lonesome me, someone almost immediately sat next to me and we had a nice, polite conversation about the book, the film, films in general, and London.

The film ended at a quarter past eleven and we proceeded to the ground floor, where a jazz trio was laying down some smooth sounds, to wait for midnight. People were wielding serious cameras, and one gentleman stood by the door saying "...followup to the classic...amid Harper Lee...American South...racism..." into a microphone in clipped tones. As the hour approached there was a countdown, a balloon release (black, red and yellow, which lent the event a weirdly German look), and then we were free to purchase.

And that's when I came away, because I'm probably not going to buy an enormous hardback on release day unless the author is there signing it. Sorry, Foyles. Besides, I hear that [Spoiler (click to open)]Atticus turns out to have feet of clay, and I'm not sure I could cope with that. I like my free tote bag, though.

Picture of the event, not by me:

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