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Writing Weekend

I spent my weekend just outside Cambridge in the company of kandrel. The idea was to have a Writing Weekend, and although perhaps less writing was done than might have been, it was definitely a weekend.

Kandrel had asked previously whether I would mind sleeping in the same room as a snake, which I said would be fine. He didn't mention that Shenara, a Burmese python, is thirteen feet long, but she proved to be a quiet and considerate roommate. On Saturday she even shed her skin in the night without waking me up, and I certainly can't say that about anyone else I've ever shared a room with.

On Saturday we wandered through Cambridge's shops and markets, sustaining ourselves on Belgian waffles, jelly bean soda from Hardys and bubble tea, until it was time to meet up with elfasi and his dogs. I'd met Katie, the GSD, before, but not Chorizo, the Dutch shepherd. I'd been wanting to make his acquaintance for ages, because he inspired a story of mine.

We headed back in a two-car convoy, dogs and all. Elfasi and I were initiated into the mysteries of making hot and sour soup, which we then ate. By this time it was growing dark. We lit a fire, threw copper salts into it to make the flames turn blue, and sat typing in the dusk by its warmth, while the dogs slowly realised nobody was going to do anything interesting and there was no food. It was one of the most companionable writing experiences I've had.

On Sunday some of the local furries came over for games. We played Quiplash, which requires you to think of funny answers to questions, and I won two rounds out of three. Then we played 7 Wonders, which requires strategy, planning, and paying attention to what the other players are up to. I lost.

When the sun came out after an interlude of heavy rain, I hit the road. I took a wrong turn on leaving, and instead of hitting the M11 within five minutes, I hit the A10 after half an hour. But it was a nice route, enlivened by many of the participants from the airshow at Duxford passing over my head, and I only got rained on a little bit.
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