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This IS me (by schwitters)Default

Forgot How To Rabbit

On Friday I headed down to the New Forest, where my employer runs a couple of golf courses, to deliver some training. I also seized the opportunity to bike around the area, digging the ponies, cows and donkeys, and then to go and spend the weekend with my mum.

In the evening, we were visited by a particularly clueless teenage rabbit. Now, rabbits in the garden are a pest, but rabbits anywhere are very cute, so we may have given rather mixed messages as we chased it off:

GO AWAY YOU STUPID CREATURE oh god it's adorable SHOO SHOO look at its little nose

And so on.

The bunny was unimpressed and only hopped off when it was good and ready.

On Saturday we went out for ice cream to a farm shop with a pretty garden. For the record (loganberrybunny and other interested parties), I had coffee cream and callmemadam had hazelnut.

On Sunday we checked out the Shillingstone Railway Project, working to restore a country station closed in the 1960s. To be honest, the station does not yet look the way it does in the website header, but there are volunteers hard at work making it so. They have a signal box and other buildings, some old rolling stock, a mish-mash of model railways and period junk, and a swear box in the tea room for anyone who mentions Dr Beeching.


a particularly clueless teenage rabbit

Not many of those are any other way!
I thought 'keep away from humans' was a lesson drummed in early, but apparently not!
You'd think natural selection would have promoted the "common sense" gene a bit higher by now, wouldn't you?

Also, I love hazelnut ice cream, but it's hard to find a really good one. So I'm jealous there!
I don't think I'd seen it before - nuts aren't my favourite but I might have tried it anyway if it hadn't been bagsied quickly!
First thing this morning, that rabbit was sitting in the middle of my flower bed in the pouring rain! It would only go away when I slammed the door. The pest man who came yesterday to see about the mice says only a rabbit-proof fence will keep them out and even that doesn't always work. Doom!
Nooooo! (But still only one of it?)
So far!
+1 for sekrit Beatles reference!
I wondered who'd get that!